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PC Engine Turbografx 16 Games w/Console - Turbografx - Complete Collection*


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Know the Turbografx game? If you haven't played the Turbografx 16 console, the PC Engine, then here is your chance to do so. Turbografx 16 is a rare console that's easy to use and fun. This exclusive Turbografx 16 PC engine comes with all the hookups, and a complete collection of the best software available. Turbografx 16 is a new generation of games that will allow you to play everything. This Turbografx/PC Engine Console Bundle includes: PC Engine Console - tested - Original for older TVs - All hookups Special Drive Card with Complete Archive Authentic Turbografx controller The console is over 35 years old. It is possible that the console may show signs of cosmetic ageing, but this does not affect its performance. Each bundle is tested carefully with the components shown. Some HDMI TVs may require additional accessories for connection.

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