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Super Console X Retro Console - Super Console X


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Tags: retro game consoles, All in one game consoles

This is the upgraded version of Super Console X. Although this console is small, it packs a lot of punch. This version of Super Console X features over 50000+ games and an upgraded game card. It also includes a reliable game set. The upgraded wireless controllers are also included in this version of Super Console X. The unit also includes a 4-player adapter, which allows you to play your favorite arcade games. This console can play almost every emulator, including Dreamcast. It also has the ability to connect to higher resolution via the HDMI cord.



This gift pack includes all your favorite games, from an assortment of arcade and home consoles that you have owned over the past 20 years. It is the perfect gaming gift for anyone who loves video games.

*Super Console X includes 2 wireless controllers, all hookups, and comes with all the necessary accessories

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