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Modded Original Super Nintendo Region Free Console Transparent Bundle


  • Brand: Nintendo
  • Availability: In Stock

Tags: authentic super nintendo, 90s super nintendo system, super nintendo, super nes, super nes console, Super nes consoles, super nes controllers, Super nes housing

We made the original Super Nintendo Console a truly non-regional SNES console, with a limited edition clear transparent housing case as well as an original Japanese Super Nintendo Game. This super region-free Super Nintendo can play both Super Nintendo and Japanese Super Famicom. This modded Super Nintendo console allows Super Nintendo gamers to play hundreds more Super NES Games that they never thought possible. What you get when you buy a region free SNES Modified Super Nintendo Hardware that allows you to play games from any region. - Custom Clear Shells and Buttons Super Famicom/SNES controllers - Original Super Famicom/SNES controllers - All TV Hookups The Super Nintendo modded hardware can be either of US or Japanese origin.

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