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New Green PSP - PSP 3000 Modded Spirited Green Complete


  • Brand: Sony
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Tags: New PSP consoles, New PSP system, psp 3000s, psp 3000, modded

A stunning new condition PSP 3000, modded to perfection in the limited edition Spirited Green. These PSP 3000 consoles are perfect for retro gaming and will make you fall in love with them. They are completely modded and region-free.

PSP 3000 includes:

- PSP Spirited Green console
- PSP Internal Batteries
PSP Charge Pack and Cable
- PSP Memory Cards

Retro Games that you love and remember from previous console generations such as:

Sega Genesis
Super Nintendo Games
Sega Master System
Original Nintendo Games
NEO Geo Games
Arcade Games
Turbografx 16
Gameboy Advance Games

These retro gaming marvels are portable and can be carried around with you in many other places that you may not remember.

*A new PSP 3000 has been tested and is complete in bulk packaging, as shown.

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