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Sony PS3 Controller - PS3 Controller - New Choose Color*


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You want to play great games on your PS3 console? You can now choose the color of your preferred PS3 Controller. The new PS3 controllers are compatible with any Playstation 3 console. Sony has made great controllers for Playstation 3 consoles. Now you can revive and play all of your PS3 games. These PS3 controllers don't include a PS3 charger cable/cord. These limited edition PS3 controller colors may not be available forever so grab them now! (Excludes controller charge cable. Cable sold separately All models of Sony PS3 controllers will work with the PS3 controllers. We don't guarantee or troubleshoot the performance. It may work on other devices. However, we cannot guarantee or troubleshoot any software or consoles outside of the Sony Playstation 3 consoles.

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