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Arcade Stick for PS3 - PS3 Arcade Stick - Moddable


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The PS3 is a favorite of many. You can now play the PS3 Arcade Stick with all of its great retro and fighter games. This solid Arcade Stick for PS3 is high quality and durable. It features your favourite arcade button layout as well as a gated joystick. This PS3 Arcade Stick can be fully modified. This means that you can easily swap out the buttons and Joysticks on your PS3 Arcade Stick for your preferred pro configuration.

The PS3 Arcade Stick features

- Full USB PS3 Connectivity

- Compatible with the PS4 Arcade Stick

- Compatible with Windows PC as an Arcade Stick

- Works even as an Arcade Joystick on the Nintendo Switch

- We Can't Forget the Super Console X!

This Arcade Stick is great for many reasons, not only because of the Playstation 3 Classics, but also because it can be used with a wide variety of retro and classic games.

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