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Preorder - Gameboy Pokemon Yellow Legacy


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We love Pokemon and we know you will enjoy Pokemon Yellow Legacy. Remade version of Pokemon Yellow now available on Gameboy DMG and Gameboy Color. Also compatible with Gameboy Advance, GBA SP, and Gameboy Advance SP. You will want to play the TSP version even if you have Pokemon Yellow Pikachu Edition. Retro Gaming Stores are the best way to play retro classics on real hardware.

*Pokemon Yellow legacy for the Gameboy, Gameboy Color has been independently issued and can be played on both a GBC or GBA SP.

Differences in Gameplay: - Complete revamps of graphics, including custom sprite set - Improved Quality of Life : Majo changes to menu access and visual reworks. - You can now choose the character that you want to use.

- New display bars in battle

The game has been updated in many ways. (watch the video below)

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