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Pikachu GBA SP - Pikachu SP Limited Edition Bundle*


  • Brand: Nintendo
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This is not your ordinary Pikachu SP. This is a way to upgrade your Gameboy Advance PikachuSP to a better model than the AGS 101. These GBA Sp consoles can be retro-fitted with an IPS V3 LED screen that will rival any modern handheld gaming console. These Pikachu SPs are completely dark-proof and allow you to create the ultimate portable Gameboy Advance SP experience. You can add boxes of Pokemon Gameboy Advance Games* to your collection and adjust the brightness level. This will make the perfect Pokemon holiday even more memorable than a dozen Poke Ultra Balls. Pikachu SPs limited edition bundles include an internal battery and charger. You must choose from all other options. *Pikachu SP consoles are in excellent condition and have been tested for performance. The console comes in bulk packaging. IPS V3 screens are an upgrade that must be chosen. The box containing the Pokemon games are being reissued.

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