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Retro Arcade System - Pandora Box Platinum Home Arcade


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This is it. The Pandora Box Arcade Platinum is the ultimate arcade machine that can play all of your favorite games. The Pandora Box Arcade Platinum is arcade hardware that you can use in your home. It has the ability to play a variety of retro and classic games, as well as modern ones. Pandora Platinum arcade technology is faster than any other software or hardware.

You can now play thousands of arcade games in high-definition on your HDTV via HDMI. Or all your old retro console games, from an incredible list of games you know and love.

Pandora Box Arcade Platinum allows you to play games from:

Super Nintendo Games

Original Nintendo Games

PS1 Games

Naomi Arcade Games

Sega Genesis Games

Atari Games


Retro Arcade Games

There's so much more!

Check out the official Pandora Box Arcade Platinum Game List to see a list of supported games.

Pandora Box Arcade Platinum Game List

Pandora Platinum allows you to play all your favorite games and you can save them anywhere. You can also restart them at any time.

This official Pandora Box Platinum uses real arcade parts and allows multiple 2, 3, or even 4-player games to be played on the most advanced home arcade console ever made. The Pandora Platinum's super LED lighting allows you to play retro games in complete darkness.

*Pandora Box Arcade Platinum includes all hookups and is ready to connect to any HDMI TV set.

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