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Game Only* - Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Nintendo DS


  • Brand: Nintendo
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Honor among thieves is a well-known concept in every culture. No criminal organization can survive without deep, unquestioning trust between its members. Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars exposes a breach of trust in the form of corruption at the heart of a Triad crime ring. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars focuses on the city from a top-down, angled perspective. This is more like the games before GTA3. You can use the stylus to drive as well as play mini-games that represent iniquitous activities like hotwiring cars, drug dealing, and digging through trash for hidden goods. The game is a unique experience in Grand Theft Auto, tailored to touch-screen play and a story that goes with it. The game features the same open-world, emergent adventure and violent action as the Grand Theft Auto series. It also includes pop-culture riffing and dark humor. They won't find a repeat of past adventures with Niko Bellic or Tommy Vercetti. Forget it. It's Chinatown.

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*Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars Nintendo DS video game has been reissued

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