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Better than AGS 101 - Gameboy Advance SP NES Edition Upgrade Bundle*


  • Brand: Nintendo
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This is your last chance to own the Gameboy Advance SP NES Edition. This fully upgraded (better-than AGS 101 models), IPS V3 LED screen transforms this rare Gameboy Advance SP console into a retro mobile gaming machine that can be played in complete darkness. You can now play your Gameboy Advance games in a completely new light and even revive old and original Gameboy Color games in a way that you never thought possible. These Gameboy Advance SP Classic NES consoles in mint condition come with a battery and a charger. They will complete your GBA collection exactly the way it was intended to look. *Gameboy Advance SP has been upgraded with an IPS V3 screen, if selected. It does not include a box. To complete the GBA SP NES Edition Bundle, please ensure that you select the right games. The games included in the bundle are reissued and come without a box.

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