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Castlevania Portrait of Ruin Nintendo DS (Game Only)


  • Brand: Nintendo
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Tags: ds, best ds games, castlevania games, castlevania

The story starts in 1944. The world is in turmoil, and Dracula's castle has been summoned to give humanity the last push to ruin. Jonathan Morris is here to help. Jonathan Morris is the Vampire Killer's inheritor. He doesn't know how it works, even with Charlotte Aulin, his constant companion, who is a young magician. They enter the castle to fulfill Jonathan’s destiny, but they discover that Dracula is not there. Brauner is a new vampire that is well-known for his demonic painting skills. Brauner intends to use the power of Dracula’s castle to overthrow the world. The young heroes investigate the castle in an effort to stop the vampire's evil plan.

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Castlevania Portrait of Ruin Nintendo DS Game Only re-issed

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