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Newest Smash Remix for Nintendo 64 - New Smash Remix 1.5.0 for N64


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The new Smash Remix cartridge for N64 is a limited edition. This is the latest Smash Remix installment for the Nintendo 64, featuring updated game mechanics and characters. Smash Remix 1.5.0 includes all-new characters, new gameplay stages, and even brand new music. The massive Smash Bros. Remix is playable on any Nintendo 64 system, but requires the expansion pack. If you don't have one yet, now is the time to buy one.

Play Smash Remix 1.50 on the official hardware using real Nintendo 64 controllers to make your Smash session a memorable one.

Nintendo 64 Smash Remix 1.5.0 requires the expansion pack and is an independent release.

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