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Metallic Red PS Vita w/Games Complete - Red Modded PS Vita


  • Brand: Sony
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It's time to upgrade your handheld retro gaming. The best PS Vitas you can buy are these modded PS Vitas. These PS Vita consoles are updated with the latest CFW, which allows you to play thousands retro games. These PS Vita consoles may have been the underdogs of their day, but they are now a force that cannot be ignored. Easy to use and you can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi and download anything you want to make your Ps Vita fully loaded. What comes with the modded PS Vita? Metallic Red - Refurbished PS Vita Console Custom Firmware for PS Vita Battery for PS Vita Internal - PS Vita AC Charging Pack & Cable PS Vita Connection Cable Choose from a PS Vita compatible Memory Card *PS Vita CFW Bundle has full capabilities and added choice of archival cards. With an internet connection, games can be accessed from the PS Vita console.

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