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Blue Modded Dreamcast GDEMU + SD Card + DreamPSU w/Collection in Blue


  • Brand: Sega
  • Availability: In Stock

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Are you looking for the best Blue Dreamcast GDEMU System? This Sega Dreamcast is not your ordinary Sega Dreamcast. No more yellowing discs or slow loading plastic. This is a Sega Dreamcast GDEMU Modified + GDEMUSD Card + DreamPSU with Dreamcast Game Collection. This modded Dreamcast comes with a replacement shell in purple transparent and a professionally installed Dreamcast GDEMU. It also includes the DreamPSU power supply, which ensures that it will work in any country using any outlet. We've also included all the tools you'll need to develop Homebrew, as well as games on the GDEMU SD Card. This is the best Sega Dreamcast GDEMU available today.

What you get with Sega Dreamcast Modified + GDEMU

– Custom Translucent Blue Dreamcast Shell

– Dreamcast Hardware retrofitted with GDEMU SD card reader

DREAM PSU International Power AC Board & Power Adapter (s)

– GDEMU Dreamcast Card Collection

The Dreamcast is fully tested and includes all necessary hookups. Upgrades such as additional controllers or arcade stick are available and must be chosen if you wish to include them in the bundle.

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