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SNES Kirby's Dream Course - Kirby's Dream Course Super Nintendo


  • Brand: Nintendo
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Tags: 90s super nintendo games, best snes games, best super nintendo games, kirby's dream course

Prepare for some of the most unexpected game play in Kirby's fight against King Dedede. Kirby's Dream Course is available for Super Nintendo. This checkboard challenge is full of bizarre hazards and strange surfaces. Warp panels transport you instantly to new and exciting adventures. Conveyer belts offer greater adventure. Turntables can take the action to a new level. You will find Gordo and Kracko as well as Whispy woods and many other zany characters. You can gain special abilities like Fireball, Freeze and Spark. Transform your enemies to stars and reveal eight hidden cups for each course. You can control the force and angle of each shot to sink Kirby and get a hole in one! To complete your collection, buy Kirby's Dream Course Super Nintendo. Retro Game Stores offers Kirby's Dream Course.

* Super Nintendo Kirby's Dream Course is being reissued

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