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Infinite Space Nintendo DS (Game Only)


  • Brand: Nintendo
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Tags: ds, best ds games, nintendo ds game, nintendo ds

Sega's "Infinite Space" is a new sci-fi Nintendo DS game that lets you unleash your inner spacecraft commander. You can explore the vastness and beauty of space in a spacecraft that you have built, fight fleets of enemies, and be the ultimate space fleet commander. The game features a battle system that demands speed, cunning, strategic thinking, and agility. You must think fast and act quickly or you will be destroyed. You can customize up to five warships with over 100 blueprints and 200 modules. You can change the attributes and performance of the ships by selecting different crew members. Or, you can go solo through the story. You play as young Yuri, the ultimate underdog story. Your goal is to destroy your enemies and save the universe.

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