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Nintendo 64 Ice Blue Limited Edition Bundle* - Ice Blue N64


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Ice Blue N64 consoles are extremely rare. The limited edition N64 consoles are exclusive to Japan, but we at retrogamestore.com have modified and upgraded them to be able to play any N64 game from any region. This beautiful N64 Ice Blue Console is now available for purchase along with the N64 Ice Blue controller. We also have the best and latest version of Super Smash Bros Remix, which can only be played using the N64 expansion pack. It features characters that were never released for Smash Bros. This game is taken to the next level. If you're ready to bring your N64 collection to a new level, then this Ice Blue N64 will be perfect for you. What comes with the Ice Blue N64 bundle* - Ice Blue N64 - Tested and Cleaned Region Free - Power Adapter & All N64 Hookups N64 Ice Blue controller Smash Remix N64 Game Optional - N64 RAM Expansion Pack required to play Smash Remix The N64 Ice Blue console has been cleaned, tested, and is a region-free upgrade that can play US and Japanese N64 Games.

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