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Preorder - Gameboy Color Pokemon Crystal Legacy


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Pokemon Crystal Legacy is available for the Gameboy Advance. This is a remade version that can be played on GBA or GBA SP. Pokemon Crystal Legacy is the answer to your Pokemon needs if you didn't like Gen 2 Pokemon or felt that there was "something missing". *Pokemon Crystal Legacy is a rework that was independently released and can be played on both a GBC or GBA SP. The final design may differ slightly when shipped. Differences in Gameplay: Gameboy Color Pokemon Crystal Legacy aims to improve the most underdeveloped areas of Generation 2 while retaining its mechanics and unique feel. Crystal Legacy does not follow the modern Pokemon design philosophy, but instead only follows precedents established in the original design. This will ensure a generation 2 experience while also bringing the Pokemon Crystal Version up to its full potential. Pokemon Crystal Legacy Features Include Features Dynamic Gym Level Scaling for the 'non-linear' Johto Region. Chuck, Pryce, and Jasmine's levels and team scale according to whether or not you have 5 badges. - Teams of Gym Leaders optimized. Leaders have more Generation 2 representatives, while still keeping their original aces. (For example, Bugsy retains his Scyther but Metapod, Kakuna, and Ledian are replaced by Pineco, and Ledian is the replacement for Metapod, and Kakuna). The movepools are becoming more diverse and complex. Gym leaders use items that are held. - Level curve improved. Trainers and Gym Leaders in Pokemon Crystal Legacy no longer drop off at the end of the mid-game to only spike up in the Elite Fuur. Leveling is now more linear, and trainer teams are expanded to give more EXP. The champion level will be below the players who do not grind, but it is this way for all Pokemon games. - Increased availability of Pokemon. Johto now has access to Generation 2 locked monsters from Kanto, such as Houndour. The route encounters are now more diverse. Trade monsters from Gen 1 evolve as they level up. Gen 2 trade items work now like evolution stones. Accessibility of evo items has been increased. Ruins of Alph now has Fossils and GS Ball. - Legendaries can now be caught. Dark type is now Special while Ghost is Physical. Pokemon movepools have been drastically improved. Balance to the actual moves (notable improvements in bug and fighting types). Stats buffs have been given to weak single-evo monsters and other underperformers (i.e. Misdrievus now has stats that are closer but not equal to Mismagius). Item Improvements The Flower Shop now sells Berries. Cianwood Pharmacy sells Stones & Ethers. Upgrade and Metal Coat are sold at Mahogany Mart. Mahogany, Blackthorn and Celadon sell TMs. X Items are not available for purchase. - Slight changes to the timing of Silver’s character arc. Lance is helped by a man to uncover the Rocket Hideout. Team Rocket's Executives are Archer and Ariana. Rocket 'Hyuck Hyuck' now has a character arc. The Legendaries of Kanto are now explained in the game. Quality of Life: Unique Pokemon sprites, Running Shoes and Bigger Bags, Share Early EXP, Delete HMs Whenever, and TM Pickup now states the move name. Bugs fixed, PC added to Elm’s Lab and House following Tohjo Fall, Gameplay icon that shows weather, Brick Piece found in Goldenrod Warehouse now evolves Hitmontop. Odd Egg (found at Goldenrod Warehouse) always has good DVs. Happiness System speeds up Friendship Evos. Third Trainer Card will show Kanto Badges. After becoming Johto champion, rematch the Johto Gym leaders. - Kanto now has its own league. Pokemon Gym Leader teams are divided into 6 teams. After defeating them, you will have to rematch with the Elite Four in order to win the title of Kanto Champion. This section is a post-game challenge. In the Trainer House, you can fight the mod creator (Smith), the production manager (Craig), and the video editor (Weebra).

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