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New Upgraded Limited Edition SP Pearl Blue Bundle - Gameboy Advance SP


  • Brand: Nintendo
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This is a rare Gameboy Advance SP. Retro Game Store now offers a brand new condition Gameboy Advance SP Limited Edition Mario Pearl Blue. It features an upgraded IPS V3 screen that is extremely bright and has multiple brightness levels. This allows you to play in complete darkness. In all of Gameboy SP's history, there has never been a better portable version of this classic model in such pristine condition. Many people are looking for an AGS-101, but it is not as bright as the upgraded backlit SP version. This fully upgraded IPS V3-backlit Gameboy Advance SP screen is extremely bright. These GBA SP consoles are cleaner, solider and more crisp than any other. Here's what you get with the Gameboy Advance SP Limited Edition Bundle - The New IPS V3 Fully Backlit Ultra High Resolution Gameboy Advanced SP Screen - Gameboy Advance SP AC Adapter & Charger Bundle of Gameboy Advance Games If you are looking for a true New Condition Gameboy SP then make sure to get them before they disappear. *Gameboy Advance SP comes with a screen upgrade and is packaged in plain packaging. Gameboy Advance SP games need to be added to your cart before you can checkout. GBA games can be reissued without a box.

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