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Game Only* - Fire Emblem The Last Promise Gameboy Advance


  • Brand: Nintendo
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The Gameboy Advance's Fire Emblem The Last Promise is a rare gem. This Fire Emblem story takes place on Solum and revolves around a Ragtag Band of Misfits who rebel against Magnus' empire and the tyranny that they provide. Although the game's initial focus is on Siegfried and Shon the father-son duo, the Fire Emblem game switches to Anakin, a motivational speaker, and Kelik, the leader of the Legend Mercenaries, halfway through. Fire Emblem: The Last Promise requires you to join forces with your allies in order to destroy the empire and liberate the people of Solum.

*Fire Emblem the Last Promise can be played on any Gameboy Advance or Gameboy Advance SP, or any device that supports Gameboy Advance Games.

**Fire Emblem the Last Promise Gameboy Advance game is no box.

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