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Castlevania Legends for Original Game Boy - Original Gameboy Castlevania Legends - Game Only


  • Brand: Nintendo
  • Availability: In Stock
For the original Gameboy system, enter Castlevania Legends. Castlevania Legends 3 is the third legendary sequel to the Game Boy series. Sonia Belmont is an action platformer that features side-scrolling gameplay. Armed with a whip she charges through five stages of Dracula’s castle. You will find the most evil night creatures, as well as candles that contain items to power up. Castlevania Legends has all the amazing mini-bosses that you can fight, each of which will reward you with a "Soul Weapon". Sonia can then cast the Soul Weapon to make Dracula's minions go back to hell.

*Gameboy Castlevania Legends can only be re-issed (no boxes)

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