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Game Only* - Breath of Fire II GameBoy Advance


  • Brand: Nintendo
  • Availability: In Stock

Tags: breath of fire, GBA system, best gameboy advance games, gameboy, gameboy advance

The next epic quest in the Breath Of Fire series continues one of the most beloved RPGs ever. As Ryu, a dragon-morphing fighter, embarks on an adventure to find his father and sister, you will be able to re-enter the magic of Ryu's life. Along the way, eight characters will be with you to help you discover and master the secrets of the vast lands. As you explore the mysterious world of dragons and demons, discover how magic spells, strength and wisdom can all play a role in your destiny.

Breath Of Fire II for GameBoy Advance available now! Retro Game Stores offers Breath Of Fire II for Sale.

*Breath Of Fire II shown as Game Only

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