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All in One Handheld Console w/9000+ Games


  • Brand: UCC
  • Availability: In Stock

Tags: Portable retro handhelds, Retro game handhelds, retro gaming consoles, 7 inch screen portables, Handheld portables, retro duo portable

This console features all your retro favorites in one device. The PKX16 console is ready to play 9000+ games from all your favorite consoles. You can play games from all your handheld consoles, as well as retro consoles such NEO Geo Games Original NES Sega Genesis Original Gameboy Gameboy Color Gameboy Advance and many other arcade classics. This handheld can be used to play on a 7-inch bright screen, which is better than any of the original handhelds.

*All in One Handheld Console with 9000+ Games may offer different experiences. We cannot guarantee the performance of all games. However, we can guarantee that you will find tons of retro games that you love and know.

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