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Black PSP - New PSP 1000 Complete Region Free


  • Brand: Sony
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Tags: New PSP consoles, psp console, psp 1000, playstation portable, Region free psp

A new PSP is the best! A new condition, region-free PSP with all the bells and whistles that you can think of. Retro gamers will love these black PSP 1000 models. They are free from region restrictions, so they can play any game you want.

These games are from the following eras

Original Nintendo

Super Nintendo

Sega Genesis


Arcade games

Turbografx 16

There are many other things.

Enjoy the PSP in the way it was intended to be played, even decades later. The new PSP includes an AC adapter, charge cable and internal battery. You can also choose from a memory card.

*PSP 1000 models have been tested in new condition and everything is in bulk packaging.

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